Today's children are bombarded with unhealthy food choices. According to statistics, the average child sees approximately 20,000 advertisements a year for foods that can be classified as junk food. Reports of skyrocketing childhood obesity and health problems only underscore the seriousness of the message. Feeding children well is an important step towards creating good health, inspiring these children to have healthy lifestyles and reducing the nation's exploding health care costs from diseases associated with modifiable behaviors. The truth is that when we eat better, we feel better. And when our children eat better, they feel better. It is crucial that something be done to teach children the importance of good nutrition.


Appearing in front of thousands upon thousands of school children and youth groups across the country, Feldman will not only be reading Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?, but also will be asking children to take part in healthy food taste challenges, juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, and getting children involved through her interactive learning program. She has even developed the Healthy Ambassadors Program, known as Matt and Maddie's Mentors, as a means to promote the message of healthy eating after Feldman leaves the school. Please join the Divine Duchess of Donuts as she shares the importance of good nutrition with children across the country.


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  • Ms. Wanda Cooper M. Ed - 2nd Grade Teacher - Nova Eisenhower School

  • Lori Ann Amore - Father John V. Doyle School

  • Heather Mayo - Owner of Sweet Peas Village, East Greenwich RI

  • Gerri List - Principal of The Village Lower, East Greenwich RI

  • Emily Manz - Arts and Humanities Director YMCA of Greater Providence West Bay Family Branch

  • Midwest Book Review


  • Kathy Melillo - Waterman Elementary Teacher, Grade 4

  • Chris Golstein - Woonsocket Public Library

  • Elizabeth Darcy Jones, "Britain's Tea Poet"

  • Melissa A. Marino - Wawaloam Elementary School

  • Dr. Lawrence P. Filippelli - Assistant Superintendent Scituate School Department

Obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States - triple the rate from just one generation ago.


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