Nutritional balancing has a lot of different meanings depending on whom you are talking to and what you are reading. Joy's definition and the principles that guide her are found in nutritional balancing science, the result of the work by Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson. A total healing system, nutritional balancing involves an integration of scientific systems concepts both ancient and modern and is a formula for anyone who wants improved health. It focuses on the underlying stress response patterns in the human body, rather than chasing symptoms.


This new paradigm draws from many branches of science incorporating knowledge from the fields of biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, stress theory, pathology, psychology, and ancient ones as well, like acupuncture. It also offers specific applications of hair tissue mineral analysis, diet, supplementary nutrients, detoxification protocols, and lifestyle changes to raise one's energy level as a means to restore balance.





   Improving vitality

    Balancing the body

    Seeking to work with the healing intent of the body

    Replacing less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals
      in millions of enzyme binding sites

    A combination of multiple modalities

    A holistic approach addressing all levels of a person's being

    A non-toxic approach

    A modern way to increase one's personal power




A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) simply stated, is a screening test that measures the mineral content of your hair. However, a hair tissue mineral analysis is much more than a test for minerals.




Minerals are sometimes called the 'spark plugs' of the body. They are needed for millions of enzymes as co-factors, facilitators, inhibitors and as part of the enzymes themselves. As a result, they have a great deal to do with the health of our bodies. By analyzing mineral imbalances in the body, one can learn a lot about the causes and correction of hundreds of common physical and mental health conditions.




Providing a mineral blueprint of one's biochemistry, a hair tissue mineral analysis can provide pertinent information about your metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity.


A hair tissue mineral analysis is a screening test for the level of 20 minerals and toxic metals in a sample of hair. It is a tissue mineral biopsy that is non-invasive, relatively inexpensive and extremely accurate.


A hair tissue mineral analysis is considered a standard test used around the world for the biological monitoring of trace elements and toxic metals in humans and animals. The same technology is used for soil testing and testing of rock samples to detect mineral levels.


Hair, like all other body tissues, contains minerals that are deposited as the hair grows. Although the hair is dead, the minerals remain as the hair continues to grow out. A sample of hair cut close to the scalp provides information about the mineral activity in the hair that took place over the past three to four months, depending on the rate of hair growth.






Hair makes an excellent biopsy because:


1. Sampling is simple.

2. Mineral levels in the hair are ten times that of the blood, making them easy to detect in the hair.

3. The hair provides a cellular reading of the mineral levels. The cells are the major site of metabolic activity in the body.


The accuracy of the hair test is dependent upon cutting the hair sample properly. All that is needed is a small sample, about the size of a tablespoon. The hair needs to be cut as close to the scalp as possible. This enables us to see the most recent metabolic activity. Any hair longer then one inch long, needs to be cut off and discarded. To reiterate, the hair sample should only be 1 inch long. If hair is short, use a clipper.


How to Cut Hair

For detailed instructions, please click here.


How the Hair is Analyzed

Hair is analyzed at Analytical Research Labs, Inc. (ARL) in Phoenix, Arizona. ARL uses the most sophisticated technology to interpret the minerals found in a hair sample. For further information about ARL, please click here or look at our Resources page.


Benefits Of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


    Trace element deficiencies

    Trends for psychological and emotional conditions

    Heavy metal toxicity

    Cellular energy levels

    Glucose tolerance

    Kidney and liver stress

    Adrenal and thyroid activity

    Trends for over 30 health conditions

    Which foods and nutritional supplements are right for you




Near Infrared Sauna therapy, is a wonderful healing modality that is part of the nutritional balancing program because it is one of the least costly, safest and most powerful ways to eliminate toxic metals, toxic chemicals and chronic infections. This type of sauna is powered and heated by near infrared light bulbs that use the near portion of the infrared energy spectrum. It also promotes the relaxation of the nervous system, dramatically improving circulation, hydration and oxygenation, gently tones the muscles and has many other benefits as well.




Near infrared sauna therapy includes the following benefits:


Skin rejuvenation - As you use the sauna regularly you will notice how the sauna slowly restores elimination through the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and a major eliminative channel.


Enhanced sweating - Sweating in a sauna is a by-product of applying heat to the body. The sweating process gently and safely helps eliminate all heavy metals and toxic chemicals.


Exercise benefits - Saunas provide many of the benefits of exercise, enhanced circulation and oxidation of the tissues, with much less expenditure of energy.




Decongesting the internal organs - Heating the body powerfully shunts blood toward the skin to dissipate heat. This decongests the internal organs and greatly stimulates circulation. Sinuses, joints and many other tissues benefit greatly.


Fever therapy (hyperthermia) for infections - Raising body temperature powerfully assists the body to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.


Tumors, radiation poisoning and mutated cells - Hyperthermia also helps kill other types of abnormal cells.


Inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system - This is tremendous benefit not offered by many therapies of any kind. It enables the body to relax, heal and regenerate itself much faster, precipitating recovery from many types of ailments.


    Glucose tolerance

    Kidney and liver stress

    Adrenal and thyroid activity

    Trends for over 30 health conditions

    Which foods and nutritional supplements are right for you




Constantly stimulated by stress, many people today are living in a state of hyper-arousal, depleting the body's nutritional status, wearing out the body's adrenal glands. If you are looking for improved health, it is time to change the way you live. It is time to slow down, and simplify your life. Give yourself permission to rest and step out of the perpetual frenzied whirlwind, and into the peace where you set boundaries and begin to have control over your life. To fully thrive and feel well, it is not only necessary to eliminate your stressors, but to also pursue loving and joyful lives. Nutritional balancing allows you this ability because through making pivotal lifestyle changes your health will be enhanced, leading you to an improved life filled with serenity, health and peace. Making new life choices for your vitality are important, and here are some important suggestions to consider:




Sleep and rest are the most significant aspects of balancing one's lifestyle because they promote regeneration, healing, and development of the mind and body.




The nutritional balancing program recommends only moderate exercise, where the body is flexed and toned and little else because this type of movement does not pound the glandular system and weaken the body. For instance, taking walks or participating in relaxing yoga, tai chi, gardening, gentle rebounding on a trampoline, golf, gentle weight lifting and swimming. Remember, a slender body is a product of health, not only exercise.








Meditation is a commonly used word that refers to calming or quieting the mind in order to activate a person's full potential. It asks that you empty the mind, empty the ego, empty the self of as much of this world as possible for the short period of meditation. Nutritional balancing recommends Roy Masters meditation exercise that can be found at www.fhu.com.


This exercise helps to teach the following:


Grounding - This exercise reconnects you to your body helping you to develop good judgment by staying in touch with what you are feeling.


Centering - The act of centering causes you to pay attention or focus so that you remain inside of yourself. It teaches how to control thoughts and emotions- This exercise slowly relaxes and calms the nervous system.




    Improved Health

    Emotional Stability Improves

    Better Relationships

    Greater Ability to Love

    Greater Spiritual Development


    Helps remove unwanted habits

    Improved awareness


To take supplements or not to take supplements - that is the question. With a formidable amount of contradictory information generated about vitamins, most people today are confused about whether these assorted colored tablets, capsules or liquid supplements are worth taking.


Why do you need supplements? Remember, we are all unique individuals that have individual biochemistries, each with our own unique needs and circumstances. By supporting the body properly with recommended nutrients, along with various other healing modalities provided by nutritional balancing, the body is able to achieve optimal vitality.


In terms of nutritional balancing, each person's age, sex, weight, health conditions, pregnancy, and acute or chronic illness are taken into account when planning one's nutritional requirements. To obtain optimal health, focus needs to be shifted to biochemical individuality. And with hair tissue mineral analysis a person's unique biochemistry is assessed based on oxidation rate, state of the immune system, stage of stress, trace element levels, toxic metal levels, and digestive adequacy when suggesting supplements and health guidelines.






    Today most people are born nutritionally depleted and toxic.

    The soil is depleted.

    High-yield crops are deficient in certain nutrients.

    Modern fertilizers do not supply enough trace elements.

    Pesticides and herbicides affect the nutrition of the crops.

    Food travels long distances today.

    Food processing often drastically reduces nutrient content.

    Food additives can further deplete nutrients.

    Poor digestion can result in poor absorption of nutrients.

    Stressful lifestyles.

    Special Life situations that may require extra nutrients include, pregnancy,  
      lactation, breast feeding, old age, childhood, adolescence and youth.






Hair tissue mineral analysis, one aspect of the nutritional balancing program, is an excellent way to guide dietary recommendations as well as assess how efficiently a person is metabolizing food. A diet may appear to be correct, but it is often difficult to obtain feedback on the effects of that diet. Hair analysis can help provide that feedback. Dr. Eck, founder of nutritional balancing, was the first person to identify and correlate hair mineral ratios with oxidation types.


There are two types of oxidation rates utilized in this program: slow and fast.


Slow Oxidizer - is an individual who metabolizes food at a rate slower than required for the production of energy. Generally, the diet includes, high-quality proteins and preferably organically grown cooked vegetables and a moderate portion of specified complex carbohydrates. These foods help maintain blood sugar and support adrenal and thyroid activity.


Fast Oxidizer - is a person who metabolizes food at a rate faster than required for the production of energy. Fast oxidizers require more high-quality and preferably raw fats and oils than slow oxidizers. Fast oxidizers also need plenty of fresh or freshly frozen vegetables, mainly root vegetables, but some of the others are excellent as well. They also need some high quality and preferably animal protein daily and not many carbohydrates. Sugars and refined starches are particularly harmful for fast oxidizers.


For a healthy body as well as a clear mind, it is very important that you start with high quality ingredients and whole foods. Whole Foods refer to those foods in which nothing has been added and nothing has been removed. Cooking for good health means using ingredients that have not been processed or stripped of their vital nutrients. Omit processed foods, minimize the use of the microwave and read the labels as you shop.




Here is an example of the foods included in the nutritional balancing program:




    A variety of steamed, lightly cooked organic vegetables

    Natural and organic grass fed meats (which include poultry, lamb, eggs
      and organic dairy, some beans, salmon, sardines or other small fish two
      times a week)

    A variety of grains such as brown rice, millet and quinoa

    Some high quality raw (certified) organic full fat dairy

    Healthy quality fats such as butter, egg yolks, flax oil, hemp oil, olive oil,
      and small amounts of vegetable oils

    Minimal fruit (berries or an apple)


Remove from your diet:


    White Sugar

    Artificial Sweeteners



    Chemicals and Unhealthy fats (Trans-fats, Hydrogenated and
      Partially Hydrogenated Oils)

The system of Nutritional Balancing, when done properly in combination, has a powerful healing effect on most physical, as well as many mental and emotional conditions. Nutritional Balancing has been shown to be effective in healing the following conditions:


Anxiety Depression



Digestive Issues

Brain Fog


Auto immune issues





Hair Loss


Panic Attacks


and more...

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